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About Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited

Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited Founded in 2004, high exchange is an established and well-known Australian securities firm with multinational supervision and branches in major cities around the world. With over 10 years of experience in foreign exchange trading,Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited High exchange has been committed to providing customers with a rich selection of online financial products, including foreign exchange, gold, silver, stock index, crude oil trading.

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Powerful market analysis tools
  • AutoChartist

    Developed by a team of Russian mathematicians, this powerful analytical software is available to all real trading accounts for free, perfectly enhancing your experience Hong Kong Morgan Group Co., Ltd trading experience。

  • MT4 Genesis

    New MT4 GenesisFor investors to bring more excellent trading experience. For you to integrate a series of simple and practical EA, you just click the mouse, you can easily implement the application installation。

  • Trading Central

    It is recognized as one of the most sophisticated and reliable technical analysis tools in the world. Whether you have trading experience or not, it can help you make informed trading decisions. Our real trading accounts will have free access to this powerful daily analytics tool.

  • Team of professional analysts

    Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited The powerful team of analysts of gaoxi will analyze the market pulse for clients every day, write financial analysis reports and technical analysis comments of the firm, aiming to help clients analyze the changes and market trends of the financial market from a more comprehensive, deeper and more unique professional perspective.

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