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The advantages of a high exchange rate

Why chooseHongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited High remit
Competitive point differential

Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited As much as possible, high exchange integrates the advantages to ensure that it can provide very competitive low spreads to its global clients. We are committed to developing quotation technology and establishing a deep circulation network with our bank trading partners to ensure consistent, transparent low spreads and high quality execution for our clients. Our MT4 platform USES a 5-bit decimal quotation system to provide more refined point differences over integers.

High-level multinational supervision

Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited Goldexchange is a global leader in the foreign exchange industry and holds regulatory licences in a number of countries. We operate in strict compliance with regulatory requirements and meet stringent capital requirements, and follow internal procedures including risk management, employee training, accounting and auditing. so Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited Gaohui has a high level of local and strict supervision and operate under this supervision. Is a strong and reliable trading partner with high standards of corporate governance and financial reporting and disclosure.

Company medal of honor

Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited As a leading Australian financial company with strong financial strength, high exchange is one of the respected foreign exchange dealers in the industry.Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited High exchange is an award-winning Australian registered company (holder of the Australian financial services licence AFSL, licence number 254963). Awards include the AFR Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Award for 2009, 2010 and 2011 and IB Times Best Forex Broker Australia 2011.

High quality exclusive customer service

inHongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited Each customer of gaoxi has its own account manager. Whether it is about the use of MT4 platform or the problems encountered in the transaction, our account manager can provide timely help and support for you. In every corner of the world,Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited The first-class service team of gaoxi will provide you with a full range of services in 5 days and 24 hours, so that you can enjoy every transaction in gaoxi.

The venerable MetaTrader 4 platform

Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited High exchange was the first foreign exchange broker in Australia to use the MT4 online platform. Start your trading journey on the world's most popular foreign exchange trading platforms with a variety of trading analysis tools:

  • Fully automated EA intelligent trading system
  • Fully functional order types
  • A variety of international technical indicators and analytical tools
  • Have hedge lock function
  • Stable automated trading
  • High quality order execution capability
  • Support for mobile trading terminals
  • Database management and import/export capabilities