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MAM multi-account management (MAM) is a software specially designed for professional traders and fund management service teams to effectively trade and manage multiple accounts on the same interface. Its humanized operation interface, advanced and mature technology, by the favor of professional capital managers. As a Hongze(Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Limited The exclusive operating software of high exchange, MAM has all the advantages of MT4 trading software, traders can use EA intelligent trading system, charts, indicators and all the functions. At the same time, MAM is also a comprehensive collection of ordering software tools, can quickly execute a large number of customer orders. MAM extends the functionality of MT4 trading software to allow money managers to effectively trade and manage multiple accounts from a single MT4 interface. MAM will provide you with first-class account management solutions.

MAMFeatures and advantages of multi-account management
  • No limit on the number of trading accounts
  • The minimum number of transactions per account is 0.01
  • Multiple Settings: number of hands, percentage, proportion
  • An account management report can be generated for each account
  • Position, balance and margin level of each account are shown in full view
  • The order is done in batches and multiple management accounts are allocated instantaneously
  • Allow all orders: including market orders, win/stop orders, limit orders
  • Allows a single closing order: includes trailing stop, closing, and closing all orders
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